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Repair Services


Repair Services

The repair service sector has thrived due to the need of low cost repair parts. By salvaging the non-damaged parts of a component (pump, hydraulic motor, etc.), such as caps and less sensitive parts and replacing defective parts such as o-rings, seals, bearings, drive shafts, gears, we reduce the repair costs and speed up delivery time.

The repair process begins as follows: Our experienced and qualified technicians will conduct an on-site inspection of the system and evaluate required repairs. The problematic parts will be disassembled and carried out to our plant facilities and our client will be advised of repair requirements (if possible) and cost. Following completion of repairs by our experienced team, the parts are carried back for reassembling and ensuring proper operation.

Sometimes though this is not feasible, as for example in one of our missions in the Atlantic Ocean. We had to deal with a vessel that was ungoverned due to problems in the hydraulic steering system. We had to board the ship and fix the problem, helping it make its way back to port. The information we received from the ship’s engineers was very accurate. Despite harsh weather conditions, we boarded the ship by helicopter. Our fully qualified team led by Mr. Stavros Vassilikos, evaluated the damage and proceeded to carry out the necessary repair actions fixing the problem. The ship made it to the nearest port where proper repair works were conducted.


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